We are working hard to implement the United Nations’ sustainability goals in our hotel. This includes measures such as the use of renewable energy, the use of natural and biodegradable cleaning products and the promotion of recycling and paper reduction. We work closely with local suppliers and actively support the environment to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The following is an excerpt from our report:

Die Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Health and well-being: As part of our sustainability strategy, we use products from socially
from socially committed brands, such as the non-profit company Goldeimer toilet paper and products made from recycled plastics from Wildplastic. Goldeimer and Wildplastic support sustainable projects and are involved in the sanitary sector or donate part of the sales proceeds to drinking water and water protection projects.

Nachhaltigkeit durch gesenkten Wasserverbrauch bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Reducing water consumption: We are actively working to reduce water consumption. In 2024, we worked with the Austrian company Ecoturbino to retrofit our showers and taps in the bathrooms in order to noticeably reduce our water consumption without compromising on comfort. The outdoor area is watered proportionately from our own well. In addition, the rainwater from the roof of our newer building (K2) is drained into trenches to preserve the groundwater. We prevent soil sealing by using grass pavers on our parking lots.

Nachhaltigkeit durch bewussten Konsum bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Conscious consumption: Our cleaning service only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. We attach great importance to recycling and use compostable bin liners from The Substainable People. By switching our drinking water to the water box, we were able to reduce the logistics for drinks deliveries for our conference business to once a month.

Nachhaltigkeit durch weniger Chemieprodukte bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Weniger Chemieprodukte: Wir nutzen Beam-Dampfsauger für die Reinigung von Böden und Duschen sowie zur Auffrischung von Möbeln und Matratzen. Die Geräte arbeiten mit UVC-Strahlen und sind geruchlos. Dank der physikalischen Reinigung mit Wasserdampf können wir den Einsatz von chemischen Reinigungsmitteln stark reduzieren. Über unseren Partner Click A Tree wird Plastik in den Philippinen direkt aus dem Meer gefischt und so die Wasserqualität verbessert.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Bienenpatenschaft mit MyHoney bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Fewer chemical products: We use Beam steam vacuums to clean floors and showers and to freshen up furniture and mattresses. The devices work with UVC rays and are odorless. Thanks to physical cleaning with steam, we can greatly reduce the use of chemical cleaning agents. Through our partner Click A Tree, plastic is fished directly out of the sea in the Philippines, thereby improving water quality.

Nachhaltigkeit mit durchdachten Lieferketten bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Durchdachte Lieferketten: Seit dem Jahr 2023 setzen wir vollständig auf unsere eigenen Wäschereianlagen. Unsere Wäscherei ist nach den neuesten Standards für Energie­effizienz gestaltet. Auf diese Weise verringern wir den Energie­verbrauch für den Wasch­vorgang. Da wir die Wäsche jetzt vor Ort reinigen, entfällt zudem der aufwändige Transport. Im Vergleich zum Jahr 2022 ermöglicht dies allein eine Einsparung des Transports von 44,3 Tonnen Wäsche und rund 10 Tonnen CO₂.

Nachhaltigkeit durch erneuerbare Energien bei K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Sophisticated supply chains: Since 2023, we have relied entirely on our own laundry facilities. Our laundry is designed according to the latest energy efficiency standards. In this way, we reduce the energy consumption for the washing process. As we now clean the laundry on site, there is also no need for time-consuming transportation. Compared to 2022, this alone saves 44.3 tons of laundry and around 10 tons of CO₂ during transport.

Certification: Our GreenSign certification underlines our commitment to sustainability and shows that we are actively committed to peace, justice and strong institutions. We ensure that we adhere to ethical and social standards in our business practices and offer our employees fair working conditions. In doing so, we also help to strengthen local economies and communities.

Nachhaltigkeit durch Partnerschaften mit K-Apart Hotel & Boardinghouse in Hürth bei Köln

Partnerships: Partnerships are essential for us to act sustainably, as they create synergies and pool resources. Our partnerships with other organizations and companies such as Oeko-Tex, Beam, Click A Tree, Novell, The Sustainable People, Goldeimer, Wildplastic, Planted, Myhoney, Wir gGmbH, Ecoturbino and Wasserbox contribute to achieving our sustainability goals.